Warning Silverado Senior Living

Critical Elder Care Questions!

If you have a relative or friend living in a retirement setting or nursing home or at Silverado Senior Living in Calabasas, California, be alert to signs of improper care, neglect or inadequate supervision!
Silverado has a list of extremely important questions on their website, ask them to supply their answers to those questions.
Brochures and website hyperbole notwithstanding, does Silverado meet the level of care they claim or that state law requires? For a family member that is suffering from cognitive impairment the wrong answer to these questions could prove fatal!
Were you referred by Nancy Wexler, Gernotology Associates? If so was there a disclosure that they may receive a placement fee from Silverado?
It is entirely possible that placement decisions are being made on the basis of "kickbacks" and not on the real needs of the client/patient. ASK!
This website is published by Friends of the Family

Ask Them !

Inquire! Ask! Evaluate! Verify! The most important actions you can take. Ask Staff questions like: is staffing at adequate levels (at published levels)? What is rate of staff turnover, Staff experience level, Do employees have all neccessary training, key positions filled & time in those positions. Ask demographic and logistic questions like: rate (number) of resident deaths and cause, are emergencies taken to closest available medical facility or wait for a preferred hospital that generates income to Silverado or an affiliate. Ask general questions such as: Are inspection reports available, names of other residents families, investigations and / or major violations, recent or in progress.  Please ! Ask! Find out - Dont assume or accept brochure talk!  Contact other residents families and compare notes!

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Neglect, injury, riducule, abuse, sexual abuse and or harrassment, humiliation are just some of the ways in which your family member may be being mistreated.

Ask Silverado the answers to their questions!

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