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Meditation for the Family

Meditation for the healing and unification of the Family
I bless and release my Family to grow in peace and strength this and all days. I release the past. I honor and accept all of the facets of the Family, even the painful and confusing, thereby affirming that understanding will follow and conflict will diminish.
I support each member of my family and through this action I strengthen the positive qualities of every member of every family from the beginning, presently and into the future. There is only One family. No matter how distant it may appear, we are all related. This is the true nature of the Family.
I encourage the growth of our ability to formulate intent. I support all efforts that are intended to nurture and protect family member as we continue to grow towards manifesting our ultimate and complete potential. I seek to be present in this experience and ask the same for my family.
I accept all actions of the Family as manifesting in perfect right order. I support actions and I act demonstrating increasing unity, consistent with the desire to promote and expand shared blessings within and around the family.
I request and accept gifts such as: increasing abundance, radiant health, growing harmony, more meaningful deeper friendships and stronger personal relationships, honorable interactions and communications, richer appreciation of our true heritage, personal integrity and courage with the resulting decrease of fear, real and imaginary.
I intend for freedom of individual choice, full self-authority, mutual respect, prioritization of global issues and resolutions and the true peace and goodwill that will come from these simple strengths, to visit and reside in our hearts. It is our legacy and our right.
By my intentions and actions these gifts shall manifest and expand in every aspect of family actions and experience.
I accept these intentions and statements. I honor through experience, family interaction.
I bless and release events and perceptions that are inconsistent with these claims.

Copyright R M Brooks 1999

Freedom for one cannot include enslavement of another

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