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We agreed to come here, to that which we created, because we intend to inhabit this place.  We are to remind each other that we must wake up to protect and nurture the children, our teachers, who are arriving here from where we all come from. They are here to show us the way.  Just look in any child's eyes and you will see the recognition.

We are to protect the children, all of them, We  are to only speak truth and offer something to each moment so that there is always more from our presence, which is increasing and inevitable by our design and intent. 

This is the time! Where we are now is the place! Our chosen task is at hand. Spread the news! and be at peace. 

 Advance the cause of planet Earth through research, information, education and participation. To bridge the digital divide internationally. To promote the welfare of all plants, animals and humans. Promote the use of alternative energy sources and products. To advance a holistic approach to problem solving. To strengthen and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. To spread joy, harmony and grace.

freedom for one cannot include exploitation abuse or enslavement of another. This will start with the children. We will see it done.

Earthship is an online portal and information station. We assist in acquiring donated items of technology and distributing them to places of need. We supply information and products that advance alternative sources or a reduction in conventional energy. We also assist victims of clergy (or other undue influence) abuse, sexual and otherwise.

If you have a friend or relative in an area that is informationally deprived, give us their address, we will verify, and we will send them a computer. Its as easy as that.

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The Wisdom of Johnny Thunderbird

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