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Its retooled as a Street Legal low speed vehicle for mobility impaired drivers.

Donate to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for Spinal Injury research. Make a pledge per mile for the upcoming Earth Rover trip from Creswell, Oregon to Salt Lake City, Ut. 851 miles!



Formerly "the gizmo" it is now called the Earth Rover and its still a hand controlled electric runabout! 


Project  Update! We have just delivered our test platform to Mr. Mark Murphy, the original designer/developer of the vehicle (formerly known as the Gizmo). We are concluding some of the evolutionary modifications to the systems and structure and hope to have a "proof of concept" prototype by early spring. Our recent test runs with mobility disadvantaged drivers were spectacular successes and we learned much about adding potential safety features. We have added a couple of new graphics from one of those tests at the Laguna Pueblo (Laguna, New Mexico). Our thanks to Joseph and Jamefor their kind assistance as our test drivers.

 COMING SOON! Look for Erover in 2010 ! Prices to be announced.

Welcome to the E Rover Project Site, home of the evolutionary new personal electric transport. Its an all electric runabout that will take you up to 50 miles on a single charge from any 110 standard outlet (about 25 cents worth of electricity).
Its a new way of rolling with the changes! Its small, its cute, its practical. Comes in 3 models.
1. Standard is equipped with a comfortable seating area (for 1) and sufficient storage behind the driver to stash about 6 grocery bags, school books and gym bag or anything that will fit in about 10 cubic feet.
2. Special Edition is a docking station for a wheelchair featuring an airshock system that drops the ERover to the ground for barrier free access, your wheelchair becomes your cockpit seating! This model has the same aft storage so bring your gear. All models offer "hands only" driving controls but the SE utilizes power assist braking for ease of operation.
3. ERover OR is a Terrain Monster featuring All Wheel Drive to get you where you want to go whether there is a road or not! Completely street legal (like all models) it is also ready to rock and roll with the changes no matter what the surface or terrain. All Terrian Tires, increased ground clearance and a separate powerful motor for each wheel and you are only limited by your imagination (and your available range).