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Hippie Revolution made Simple

Our gods are not the equals of yours, for ours are real and yours imagined. Ours have substance you can feel and taste yours the ghost of ashes. Drug use is rightfully neither a legal nor a medical question. It is, as it has always been, the biggest religious issue. This truth transcends your personal denial, that you take drugs only for fun, As you are more than you know. The drug war is monotheism fighting paganism. Overwhelming documentary evidence shows polytheists prefer drug ritual, But concrete proof of our faith extends before writing. Put it right in their faces: Allowing no goddesses, you lie about religious toleration. The drug war is religious inquisition. We will have our goddesses and our dope, both the same thing, despite your cruelty. Reconsider your ways, we can show you how. Public paganism is your price for peace. The world doesnt go all your way. Your theories are too ugly to expose. Satanism is another facet of monotheism, Equally unwelcome in Pagan Company. Dont get confused by your own phantasms. Dont lie about our worship, else sorrow will be your fate. A word to the wise, to avoid the sorrow. Devil worshippers get banished from our temples. We dont need to put up with perversity. We can tell who our own people are, But diabolists are just another kind of heretical Christian. Dont say we worship the Devil, for well make you eat those words. Courthouses into Pagan Temples is the plan, Decisively executed immediately. Plenty of time to talk about it when you get settled in. The rest of what you do becomes part of history, Made in the breaking of history. I knew if I thought long enough, I would come up with something easy enough to do that People would say, "Lets do it." The splendor of such a brief formula is that it springs into timeless context. That makes it inevitable once the word comes, which presses immediacy. I know the ways in which my people can be stirred to move; though few remember. Its only another turn of the wheel. Lets call a demonstration down at the courthouse, but this time for good. We can do that, we know how. Deeming dope smoking a character flaw just denotes your religious prejudice. Our morality compares favorably to yours. Get over it. You marginalize a people By depriving them of their civil rights and persecuting them systematically. Criminality is sheer definition expressing religious prejudice for monotheism. We never did anything bad, but you falsely said we did, to lie for Jesus. We are here to set the record straight. We want all your prisoners, and some dope to get us started. This is the apocalypse of polytheism. Welcome to our celebration. Those who expect favor from the courts stand to lose as they halt. More people, however, expect only loss therein. Thus the absence of the courts benefits more people, than come to detriment by it. People may decide the temple is better to have. Regardless, we must free ourselves this way, being left no other escape. Come to grips with our issue, for we offer resolution. Your view of the future has been far too grim, you need stimulation. To you, the drug war is just a rumor. We played dead long enough, but were really live people. Dont hit us another blow, starting right now. Justice is larger than your looking. Being too narrow to recognize goddesses is out now, and you were wrong. Sorry youre disappointed, but its our turn now. Forget there was a courthouse here, for the good it will do you. You dont have any old claims pending here now. OK, lets start getting these supplies down to the Temple. We want barbed wire; we want miles of it. We want cranes, to string out our helicopter web between these buildings. (Get the Chief of Police back on, to see if we can arrange prisoner transfer.) We would do best right now to restrict air travel in this immediate vicinity, Or at least prevent easy access to street level. Deterring hostilities of happenstance or misunderstanding is mere wisdom. When the citizens see the wires, they will know weve moved in. Capitulation is implicit, as attendance on the Temple starts. Did you lose any rights? Do you want to vote on anything? Were you seeking a decision in your favor; is that what is urgent to you? People are hurting our people and we dont have to take that any more. This is the only way to make that stop. Whats wrong here? Your grandfathers thought they knew everything But their ignorance was more important than their knowledge. They knew taking drugs was a recreation, a jolly diversion, An escape from the dollars and cents which made up reality. They didnt know taking drugs was a sacrament, a spiritual act, Part of the most ancient religion of human kind. So suddenly when they saw the greatest religious revival of history, They thought it was an explosion of vice. They were wrong, and this mistake has ruined the rest of the world they built. Their church wasnt a leisure time activity, it wasnt recreational. Since they werent playful about it, It could not grow into a vice and become a crime. They missed the biggest religious movement of all time, by their blindness. Thats whats wrong here. Our ancient religion worships with what you call drug substances. While your God was in diapers, our Goddess let us smoke. Now quit shoving. Most of your captives are our faithful, so we will take them all, and today would be fine. Just bring them down to the Temple, and we will take them in charge. Your service is appreciated. In what sense is a Pagan Temple a fair exchange for a CourtHouse? When the public perceives it is more equitable in administration, their tensions will ease. The interface is much more pleasant. "What is your business at the Court House?" is a rude question. Inquiries concerning Temple attendance tend to be more polite and circumspect.

Johnny Thunderbird - Gentle Warrior